Prison Ministry

It is a privilege to share my time at Old Colony Correction Center in Bridgewater, MA with Afro Americans, Latinos, Cape Verdeans and others inmates twice a month and perhaps more time next year.
God has a lot sense of humor. And believe or not He will invite us to be in places which we would not imagine and indeed this is my experience as a visit this prison and speak with inmates in the matters that they see are important and necessary for the rehabilitation/perhaps returning to community in the near future.
For many years now, I had he honor to be in touch with many young men in different prisons who writes to me and asking for spiritual and legal advise surrounding their problems. Indeed, I felt that God was calling me to a ministry that many of us today have no time to listen to those who incarcerated. But, I found it to be very up lifting and give me so much understanding of my vocation as a religious man seeking to accept everyday the invitation of God to be in the presence of my brothers and sisters.
Even though, I am only meeting with prisoners twice a month, but it seems that I am there with them ever day. I have learned so much from them that I say to myself only though life experiences that we become aware of who we are and where we want to go in life. I have met some intelligent and talented men in prison, great children of God from different faith, culture, ;language and race, but, at the end of my visit with them, they all are trying to create a community in the prison system where they can support and teach each other to be a good human being. That's a lesson for each one of us no matter where we are in our lives.
As I end my visit with them, my last words to them follows: : "Be there for each others and stay still until I return!"...


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