Bishop Teixeira, OFSJC and Buddhist Monks

On the eve of January 8th of this year, Bishop Teixeira, OFSJC received a visit of Buddhist Monks from Peace Pagoda of western Massachusetts at his diocese. The Monks stayed overnight over Bishop's residence.
The Next day, Bishop Teixeira, OFSJC had the privilege to walk with the monks to the site where the first murder of 2008 happened in Skinner Street, Brockton, MA. Together, prayers were offered at the site of the murder and prayed for peace in Brockton. After that the walk continued to the City Hall where the monks and the Bishop meet with Mayor Jim Harrington. The main topic was on the mayor signature against nuclear weapons. The mayor agreed to sign the petition and Brockton to become a city of peace. Also we discussed about recent violation in Brockton among our young people. After the meeting, the monks continued the walk towards the nation capital ( Washington, DC). Every spring, the monks walk for peace. This is the 7th year of the week and this is the second year that Bishop Teixeira, OFSJC has host them and walk with them to the city hall.


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